A view from the road

Does anyone ever look at your house as you walk past while walking the dog or as you drive by on the way to work? One night recently as I strolled by with my dogs, I thought to myself who lives there? The calm yellow-white glow framing the view of the front room all the way back to the fireplace. Who lives there? As I stood there for a moment my minds’ eye took me on a Charles Dickens like daydream. There inside I was there, there also my family. I watched as these people lived life in this place. I was suddenly overwhelmed with memories of the past. Dear old dogs and other pets long gone, birthdays, the many Christmas mornings around the tree that would have been right there in the window. The not so good times, the struggles of life if you will. I watched my child grow from bouncy blonde toddler playing with toads and lizards into a young woman with equestrian dreams and hopes of vet school. Wow what a snapshot. Too fast. Our lives move at blinding pace. If we don’t pause we miss much. We savior the good, overcome the bad, and praise God for each second. But in the end, we are but a flash, a starlight twinkle. So, what makes this life worth the living? Jesus tells us love is the greatest element of life. Love not of physical expression, but a love of sharing, of raising, teaching. A love that commands us to forgive, to overcome. A love of joy, a love of the owe of this universe, and all its mysteries. A love of home and the yellow-white glow framing the view in front of you. Take a look…

God’s Peace be with you.

Meaningful Planning

This Day With God

No greater purpose in life is as important as God’s plan for us all. His plan is magnificent in wisdom and it is His purpose that prevails. As recorded in Proverbs 16:3, commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. God has explained to us the reason for sending Christ, a plan for humanity put into motion long ago. The Bible teaches us to plan our work and then carry those plans out with action. Those that move by guesswork without a practical plan are like cars without steering wheels. .. Sooner or later there is going to be a crash.

In anything we do, there should be a purpose. In a grammar lesson in eighth grade Mrs. O’Neill said, “Paul, give me a sentence with a direct object.” Paul replied, “Everyone thinks you are the best teacher in the school.” “Thank you, Paul,” responded…

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Squatters by Tom Poland

Looking back, they lived like frontiersmen. Looking back, I admire them for doing what they had to do. Find a place to survive. A squirrel-hunting boy who skirted their wooded encampment, I considered them bums. Looking back that seems harsh. Down on their luck some would say. Poor decision-makers others would say. Looking back, I […]

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