Saddle Up Your Horses!

“I can remember the times in my life when I have thought about the next phase or the finish line too much”

A Potter's View

I presided over my last set-up meeting as a District Superintendent last night and now it’s Wednesday. What shall I do with my time today or for the next 15 years of available ministry as an active Elder in the UMC? It feels like a hurdle has been crossed. What to do with this feeling? Go out with a whimper or a bang? Wednesday – Hump Day, middle of the week, a little past the downhill slide to the end of the week, or the moment when we start salivating over a gloriously anticipated weekend. My weekdays can be filled with unexpected “God” moments or a countdown of the trivial and mundane. These are questions with larger answers for a lifetime. How do we run our race? Do we coast or catch a new gear? Do we relish new opportunities or get fixated on the finish line. Is it time…

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