Shrinking the Camel

The other day my friend asked a rather blunt and personal question: “Do you think it is God’s will for you to be at the company you’re with right now?”

What I wanted to say was, “Well, duh. I’m working there, aren’t I?” 

In other words, how else could I have possibly ended up in this place unless God had somehow greased the wheels? I don’t know how all this stuff works, theologically speaking, but I have to give him some credit for my current life circumstances. 

I am not one to obsess about these kinds of things, but truthfully it is difficult to know minute by minute whether or not we are in that exact bull’s eye of what we think of as “God’s will.” When you start unraveling the layers of choices and chances and serendipitous events that lead us to any particular decision, the thought that we each…

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