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We often read and talk about how technology has transformed government and the availability of information to citizens. I have wrote and talked about it.

Then there are the cases that are not discussed that makes me think ‘what happened here’ and ‘this doesn’t have to be so hard’ (and frustrating).

So instead of ending with my lessons learned, I am going to lay them out now, and you can continue reading to find out where they came from.

My lessons from Nemo [these lessons from a sample size of 1, so they are no representative all all emergencies or all emergency service providers during Nemo]:

  1. Social media was great for me to know the “big picture” – who was without power, pictures of the snow and destruction, etc., … (positive)
  2. … but not to good at acquiring useful details about the emergency (negative)
  3. I was able to go online…

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