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Fourth of July brings picnics and lake outings aplenty, and it means fried chicken, all the fixings, and gallons of iced tea, a southern tradition. Before we proceed with this exposition on tea let’s take care of a slightly irritating matter. I hear this great beverage referred to as “ice tea” and “iced tea.” Which is correct?

I prefer “iced tea.” After all it’s the ice clinking in the glass that chills tea, giving it the cool, refreshing taste we love so much on a summer day. “Ice tea” sounds like a drink relying on ice for its flavor, like grape Kool-Aid. The New Oxford American Dictionary gives “iced tea” as its preference and that’s good enough for me.

Southerners swear by their sweet iced tea. In the South, iced tea is not just a summertime drink; it’s served year round with most meals. Nothing, however…

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    • My pleasure Tom, Your writing is one of our southern treasures. I often worry about the future and will young southern writers remember our history and heritage.


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