birthday week

Ah yes birthday week. Jim and I will be looking for goooood times. Jim is sort of a magnet for stressful situations. Trish often does not know Jim is the culprit because I take up for him and make sure he is always in the background when we get caught at something, like Tom and Huck you know. Whoa what a week this has been. Jim and I are all over the map. Jim tried to get me to go late night fishing on Wednesday but I came home instead, Trish was happy. Well today is birthday eve so Jim has another plan up his sleeve to get me sideways with the world. A toddy for the body or the raw bar on the vista…Could go home and practice the six string…. Hummmm, the boat is on the water, Jim is right beside now. The question is how do we get in the same pants??? Jim and I – Gemini   June 10, 2011 birthday June 11