>DHEC Finds Racoons During Routine Inspection

>Gadsden, SC (WLTX) — The Department of Health and Environmental Control said a routine inspection at a Gadsden convenience store resulted in a low grade after the inspector said 12 racoons were found inside the business and the animals’ blood in the public freezer.

A DHEC inspector called on the business on March 4 after receiving a phone call about concerns on the safety of having the animals stored at the Luckey Seven Number Two convenience store.

Thom Berry with DHEC said that the business was also cited for improper food temperatures along with several others violations. However, the racoon issue has caught much more attention.

“It’s the first time that I’ve heard of this particular type of situation happening in my many years with the agency,” said Berry. “[Storing racoons] is not allowed in South Carolina,” he added.

The convenience store is now in compliance with DHEC after making several changes, which included getting rid of all of the racoons.

Jimmy Palmore is the deli manager at the Luckey Seven and said that the freezer that stored the animals is now gone.

He said that while many customers maybe shocked about the finding, those in his area view racoon like any other type of meat. However, he stressed you won’t find it at his establishment.

“We did everything that we supposed to do to make sure to keep them satisfied,” said Palmore.